Born and raised in the Canadian city of Regina, Saskatchewan, James M. Clow received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Regina in 1988, followed by a classical animation diploma from Ontario’s Sheridan College. After graduation, he spent over 20 years as a film animator living in Germany, England and the west coast of Canada. James animated for such companies as Universal pictures, Walt Disney and Dreamworks SKG, working for Steven Spielberg, Gary Larson and others. James returned to the prairies in 2001 to further his animation career as a teacher in Saskatoon. He soon became disillusioned with an industry that was placing decreasingly lower emphasis on classical animation artistry and he left to pursue other interests.

After touring a potash mine, James was immediately inspired by the underground landscape. He is now both an artist and a miner, working with an underground production crew to excavate potash from a mine near Colonsay, Saskatchewan. Many of his artistic works showcase prairie landscapes, sky and the circular grooves left in the rock walls by the potash miner. His works combine both acrylic paint and 385 million year old potash into a highly textured and three dimensional painting.

His award-winning work can be found in corporate and private collections. Awards include: